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UMN fraternity and sorority membership has grown since 2012, largely in part of the collaborative efforts of the University, fraternity & sorority students and MGAC. Continued growth is a trend strongly supported by MGAC. For more information, please review our


In addition to supporting membership recruitment efforts, MGAC has made an impact on Minnesota Greek Life in numerous additional areas since its inception:

  • Established a low-cost, long-term financing program in partnership with the Minnesota Foundation for Greek organizations to address chapter house life safety issues

  • Lobbied for changes to city housing ordinances eventually adopted by the Minneapolis City Council April 2017 to allow greater flexibility for Greek housing options

  • Joined forces with the Marcy Homes Neighborhood Association for member from the Greek community to serve as an ex-officio member of the MHNA Board

  • Collaborated with the University of Minnesota Alumni Association to identify Greek alumni to support University and Greek initiatives

  • Created Student/Alumni networking, mentoring and career-building programs

  • Initiated a partnership program with Gopher Athletics 

  • Co-hosted “It Ends Here” with Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL) October 2018 to focus on consent, sexual empowerment and responsible social behavior

  • Established strong working relationships with Greek Student Council leaders, Office of Student Affairs (OSA), OFSL and Boynton Health 

  • Developed COVID-19 Management Guidance Plan for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters shared with all Greek organizations to assist with opening chapter facilities during the pandemic

  • Collaborated with city and University safety liaisons to address crime and safety concerns

  • Provides annual meetings for House Corporation officers, house directors, chapter advisors and officers to share best practices, address areas of concern and identify collaborative initiatives to benefit all members of the Greek community

  • Promotes ongoing support for student mental health and well-being  

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